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Coworking Survey:
your experience so far...

What country are you from?

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What is your closest location (i.e. city or neighborhood in city)?

What stage are you at with coworking?*

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How long have you been part of the coworking list (coworking@googlegroups.com)?

If not applicable, who referred you? Are you interested in being part of the list?

How long have you been interested in collaborative spaces in general?

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What is your current occupation?

Where do you currently work?

What are the limitations of your current work space situation? (if any)

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What are you hoping that coworking could solve for that situation?

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Rate the following in the matrix of importance to you:

1 star - not too important, 5 stars - extremely important

personalized space (your own desk)
networking opportunities
collaboration opportunities
excellent coworkers
24 hour access
quiet space
meeting spaces
event spaces
community feeling

Anything missed from the above list you'd like to add as being really important to you?